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We work with trustworthy local nurseries and offer turnkey tree plantings.

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Adding New Tree Life to Your Landscape

Whether you’re adding new trees to the landscape or replacing existing trees, Artisan Tree Trimmers provides new tree planting services for various species appropriate to the San Francisco Bay area. Some of our most sought-after new tree plantings involve magnolia, red oak, maple, live oak, queen palm trees and Mexican fan palm.

Call The Experts Before Planting

While planting new trees, it’s vital that you keep in mind that soil characteristics involving water holding capacity, soil structure, and nutrient/air/water availability, greatly impact every tree species differently. We strongly advise checking the soil’s salinity, pH, drainage and nutrients before we plant new trees to choose the right tree for your project.

Artisan Tree Trimmers  we follow species specific guidelines and industry standards.  In order for the new tree to thrive and establish, its roots have to have access to water and oxygen in correctly drained soil. Generally, best practice includes digging a wide hole, at least 3 times the root ball’s diameter, and no deeper than a root ball.  Typically, we place the root ball 2” - 3” above the surrounding grade in order to compensate for settling  and correctly set up the trunk flare.  Special care should be taken to get the clay heavy soil ready to prevent glazing in which the smooth sides of the hole trap moisture, as well as prevent proper drainage.

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Benefits of planting trees native to San Francisco Bay

There are several good reasons to plant native trees. They do not just benefit the wildlife that we share space with,  native trees will also help humans.

  • While non-native trees may not do well against pests in the San Francisco Bay area, native trees frequently do not have as many pest issues.

  • Native trees are well-adapted to local climates, meaning they will have the best opportunity at survival.

  • Assist in supporting the local ecosystem.

  • Proper tree planting is oftentimes underestimated. If incorrectly done, it’ll affect your tree’s longevity and growth.

Our San Francisco Bay area arborist's will help by reviewing several critical factors: regional diseases and pests, local weather conditions, available space and soil conditions. With Artisan Tree Trimmers services, we have the tree experience and knowledge to ensure the proper tree goes in the proper place.

Our Certified Arborist's:
  • work with you directly through the whole process, ensuring that you, as well as your property benefit

  • are available to assist in guiding you through the whole process from choosing the perfect tree to the correct planting methods.
For more information on our tree planting services in the San Francisco Bay Area
​​​​​​​please feel free to get in touch with Artisan Tree Trimmers right away at 510.790.6422.

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