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Tree Removal


Our certified arborist team provides tree removal for all different kinds of trees in the San Francisco Bay Area, including:
  • Sweet Acacia Tree Removal
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Sumac Tree Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Mesquite Tree Removal
  • Willow Acacia Tree Removal
  • Sweet Tree Removal
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Large Tree Removal
  • Palm Tree Removal

Tree Removal Process

Dying tree branches in dangerous positions like perched over the entrance of your office or home may leave you with the only choice of emergency tree removal.

Tree removal, in theory, is a simplistic process and may be accomplished by any property manager or homeowner. However, realistically, there are many things that may go wrong such as a tree causing more damage by hitting an area powerline or a neighbor’s property. Our expert tree removal professionals must be bonded and licensed on top of having the expertise to remove the tree without causing any further damage.


Step one for any inquiry on tree removal is an evaluation.

We’ll evaluate the tree’s condition and offer multiple solutions for removing the tree from your property or saving it.

Proper Planning

Based upon what your needs are, Artisan Tree Trimmers will come up with a custom-made plan to either completely remove the tree or breathe life back into the decaying tree. Proper planning for the removal of a tree involves choosing crew size, making notes of any specialized equipment needed (wood chippers, cranes) to assist in overcoming obstacles like power lines or other trees close  to your business or home.


 When we have the right plan in place, we’ll offer a written estimate for you to approve.


We understand that you want quality tree removal services for a reasonable price. When you’ve approved our estimate, we’ll start your service.

Tree Removal

We’ll arrange a time which works conveniently for your schedule. On the date of the tree removal, all our safety equipment is set in place for fast tree removal. The process of tree removal is different based upon the size and location of the tree. Bigger tree sections are cut into smaller sections, cut up, then loaded into trailers. Small limbs and branches are fed through the wood chipper.


After your tree is successfully removed from your property, we’ll then clean up leaves, limbs, and branches to make sure the space appears the same as when we arrived (minus one or two trees, of course).

Wood Recycling

The wood and material which is removed from the property is correctly disposed of and/or recycled.

Wood chips may be reused for mulch, gardening, or firewood. The wood chips sometimes even can be processed into lumber.

For more information on our tree removal services in the San Francisco Bay Area
please feel free to get in touch with Artisan Tree Trimmers right away.

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California State Contractors License: 703538
International Society of Arboriculture License: WC4340
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